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        Unfortunately, yes I have both experience and opinion. I started to
play around with ISA 2000 a while ago, and now I run 3 CheckPoint FW-1's.
Nothing beats a CheckPoint, in my book, BUT, Netscreen is a great little
box, and Watchguard is worth the price as well for smaller offices.

        I'd stay away from ISA as a firewall, trust me, it's not something
you want to have to deal with...<shudder>....and I'm a Microsoft fan.


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Hi all,

has someone an opinion (good or bad....)concerning ISA Server 2000 installed
as firewall? How many differences are among this software solution from
Microsoft and Check Point Firewall-1, Netscreen 10/100, Watchguard or Cisco

Any help would be appreciated.


Giancarlo Ballestracci
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