RE: Does Windows NT use TCP port 2000/2001?

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Date: 10/19/01

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Subject: RE: Does Windows NT use TCP port 2000/2001?
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:29:21 -0700

Check out these sites... They tell you common uses for various ports...
I don't recall these ports being used by NT 4.0.

Scott Margulis

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Subject: Does Windows NT use TCP port 2000/2001?

I'm looking over the results of a port scan for a client with a couple
of exposed NT 4.0 boxes, and on both boxes I see that TCP port 2000 is
open; on one box, TCP 2001 is also open.

The most information I've been able to find out about these ports
after a couple of days of digging is that 2000 is "callbook" and
2001 is "dc".

I don't recall seeing these ports open on any other NT box I have
scanned, and I don't have NT boxes ready to hand.

Does anyone know if these are legitimate ports to be open, and if
not, what they're likely to indicate? Neither box is running IIS,
nor are they running any applications in common.

Devin L. Ganger <>
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