RE: NT Server - 98 WkStn Highschool Lab - Help!

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Date: 10/17/01

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Subject: RE: NT Server - 98 WkStn Highschool Lab - Help!
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:29:23 -0500
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If money is not a real issue...why not go with something like Citrix
WinFrame (hope that's the right name)? Make it so that everyone has
to run from the server, and you can control the desktop from there.
You can also install a firewall device (Firebox, Cisco, etc.) and
that will allow everyone the access to the internet that you allow
and will log all internet acces locations.

Just remember, this solution will be some money, but if you can get
it, it should help you keep control.

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Subject: NT Server - 98 WkStn Highschool Lab - Help!

I administer several labs in a rural school division.
I am often not in these labs for days at a time and
often chaos has ensued-i.e. - saved user profiles,
deleted icons and programs, file renaming, etc... I
did not set up this lab and am wondering the best way
to reconfigure it, using the existing technology. Any suggestions?
Here's the specs:

- -WINNT 4 Server - latest Service Packs

- - Windows 98 - First Edition - (yes, we were right on
the ball buying the latest MS OS back in '98!)

- - Security by Policy Editor and Group Policies - I
like being able to control some things with this but I apparently
must have user profiles enabled to use Poledit and this allows users
to save their profiles which means when they screw something up and
can't get it to work the next time they log on a teacher will tell me
that the computer is broken

- - I'd also like to be able to keep track of where each individual
user goes on the Internet - when I check cookie files - every user
has the same cookies for some reason

- - I'd like to give everybody the same desktop but some computers have
different programs on them than others

Well those are my main security issues, if anyone has
any hints or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it.

Jason Forester
Computer Technician

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