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Date: 10/12/01

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Subject: Re: Exchange 2000 configuration question
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 13:07:31 -0500

Thank you for the replies so far.

A few clarifications (sorry I left these out or wasn't clear) -

- This is a completely new domain, and it does not need to support an
existing domain in any way.
- The only way email is going to be accessed is through OWA, meaning no POP
or IMAP services are needed.
- It needs to support 2,000 users (which were limited to 25 msgs max on our
last system, so they are definitely light email users) that, again, will
only access this through the web.
- I plan on implementing 128-bit SSL, and the only ports open to the setup
will be port 80 (www), port 443 (ssl), and port 25 (smtp)...everything else
is firewalled as well as on an internal DMZ that separates things from the

My main question is what configuration works best if I have only two
machines to work with (and an extremely off chance I may have three to work
with) and I need to provide Outlook Web Access to 2,000 email users - which
means the following services have to be setup on the two boxes:

-IIS 5.0
-Exchange 2000
-Active Directory

I apologize for any confusion and I thank all of you for your time in
replying to my questions!


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Subject: Exchange 2000 configuration question

> Hello.
> I have a dilemma - we're on a tight budget so I've only been allocated two
> machines (albeit beefy ones) to set up Exchange 2000 with Outlook Web
> (OWA) for 2000 users (although they will be light email users).
> System Specs:
> Box 1 - Dual PIII 933, >1GB RAM, >70GB mirrored Ultra3 10K RPM storage
> Box 2 - Dual PIII 733, >1GB RAM, >70GB mirrored Ultra3 10K RPM storage
> Ghetto 1 - Single PIII 700, 512MB RAM, 10GB IDE storage (non-mirrored)
> [basically a workstation] *
> * this machine may or may not be available, for sanity's sake I am
> for the worst - it isn't available, but I would like to consider my
> just in case it is, indeed, available for use on this project
> We do not have an existing Active Directory configuration so I've also got
> to figure out the safest in terms of security and availability a way to
> initiate AD, deploy OWA, and run Exchange 2000 within the two machines.
> I've been given a possible option that I can get a "ghetto box" (i.e. a
> workstation type machine - 700MHz and about 512MB of memory with IDE hard
> drive(s)). In this case I may opt for the OWA or the Active Directory
> portion on this machine.
> Main problems are:
> 1) A patch is released for one of the products above, whatever other
> products are also residing on the box will suffer downtime (or worse,
> incompatibilities and data loss) as well.
> 2) Security - obviously running Active Directory on an Internet-facing
> machine is not a good idea, same goes for running IIS 5.0 on any machine
> 3) Performance - what combinations will cause the best/worst performance?
> I will be hardening the machines and their software as much as possible
> according to Best Practices and the machines will also be completely
> firewalled except for necessary Internet services (port 80,443 and port
> Any help on or off the list is appreciated greatly! Thanks for reading!
> Regards,
> Eric Johansen