Re: Retrieving NT 4 Administrator password

From: Scott Ehrlich (
Date: 10/04/01

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 13:59:14 -0400
From: Scott Ehrlich <>
To: "Martin L. Drury Jr." <>
Subject: Re: Retrieving NT 4 Administrator password

Here is a wonderful utility for changing passwords on most NT-based boxes:

I have used it several times and never had a crash (except for once, at home, on a
machine I heavily experimented on ;-)


"Martin L. Drury Jr." wrote:

> Hello all,
> First, if this is not the appropriate place for this, my apologies.
> I'm in need of a little bit of help. Roughly 4 years ago, while working
> for a non-profit community network, I set up an NT 4.0 based LAN (no
> internet access) for a Library. There were two accounts that had
> Administrative access, mine, and the Administrator. Under normal
> operations, no one was ever logged into the server, and the accounts used by
> the workstations did not have administrative access.
> Now, 4 years later, they needed to update some software that is installed
> on the server, and apparently no one remembers the Administrator account
> password (they said they had it written down, but apparently they didn't,
> all they managed to do was lock themselves out of the account). I have long
> since forgotten the password I used (given enough tries, I'm sure I could
> remember it, but well, I don't want to lock out my account as well). Is
> there an easy way to retrieve/reset the administrator password without
> damaging the data stored on the server?
> I believe at most the machine has SP3 installed on it. The copy of NT was
> installed off of a Back Office CD, but I don't recall whether or not it had
> Service Packs or not. All the information I had concerning the machine was
> given to the non-profit when I left there 3 years ago, and since then, they
> have conviently lost it. Any pointers anyone could give me on what steps I
> need to take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,
> Martin L. Drury Jr.
> Advance Data Systems, Inc.
> 502-228-3396 x117