RE: Frontpage Server Extension on Production server.

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Date: 09/17/01

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Subject: RE: Frontpage Server Extension on Production server.
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FrontPage extensions are good for developers, true.
Make sure that the development web site with FPE enabled (you can
enable/disable them on per virtual site basis) does not have Internet
access, and preferably located on a different machine (I see a lot of
problems with bad code crashing IIS during development stage).

While moving content from development to production, make sure they don't
copy development folder/files (_vti*, *.bak, *.old, *.$$$). If you have
reason to believe that your developers won't follow the rules (as I believe
here), you may want to implement some tools like SiteServer content
replication service which allows you to
1. Log updates
2. Synchronize content between boxes
3. Set up filters to include/exclude folder and file names and types from

The Content replication service goes with SiteServer 3.0 and Application
Center 2000. If somebody knows another application which has it included,
please let me know (we are looking for a less expensive way to get it).


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Subject: Frontpage Server Extension on Production server.

Hi all,

I'm going to deploy New Portal Site's web server.

Currently, our dev. team using frontpage server extension as
a collaboration solution which bring our guys very happy.
They can directly edit ASP files on the development server.

I plan not to enable frontpage server extension on the production
server, quite worried about unknown holes in it.

Anyone using FP extension with public website please tell that
Should I install FP extension (which will ease development team
when they need to modify some ASP pages)
Or I shouldn't, edit file locally and FTP modified file(s) to the server.

Thank you in advance.

Software Engineer