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Date: 09/13/01

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 14:22:57 -0700

Funny thing is that I am working on a migration from NT to 2k and I wrote
some scripts to monitor things, so here's a VBScript using adsi (run it from
2k (pro or server, doesn't matter) for best results, I haven't tested it on

Run it like so:

C:\<path to script>\> Cscript wholocked.vbs <computer or domain name>



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UserDump, available at, will dump all users, with all
attributes, including account status. You would have to redirect to a text
file and search for "account locked out", but it would certainly work.

I'm *sure* Erik meant to mention that one in his email as well... :)


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> DumpSec, User report
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> Hi lists,
> Is there a tool or command line that lists "account
> locked out" like rasusers.exe which lists remote
> access users on Nt Server 4.0.
> Thanks.
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