RE: MS patch-scanner for Win-NT, 2K, IIS, SQL

From: Rich Corbett (
Date: 08/20/01

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From: Rich Corbett <>
Subject: RE: MS patch-scanner for Win-NT, 2K, IIS, SQL
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 07:00:25 -0400

Although MS's release of hfnetchk is a positive step in the right direction,
I feel that a utility that would operate similar to the redhat linux
'up2date' would be perfect. A utility that an administrator or support
person could run that would give them the ability to scan & update systems
via the utility. A MS up2date would be great in that it could keep the
steps down to one (instead of running hfnetchk, then putting together
qchain, etc.).

Just some food for thought.

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Subject: Re: MS patch-scanner for Win-NT, 2K, IIS, SQL

HFNETCHK Rocks! I think it is a great tool. Not only does it offer many
great options (which, btw you should really read the FAQ's on...) but it
also heightens awareness of exactly how hot fixes really work...

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Subject: Re: MS patch-scanner for Win-NT, 2K, IIS, SQL

> I must say I am, overall, impressed with Hfnetchk. This is the sort
> of thing that Microsoft should have had out years ago. (Just like
> Qchain. I'll see if I can dig up a URL later.)
> However, this is the problem I see with it: It'll tell me which
> hotfixes haven't been applied but won't tell me if I'm missing service
> packs.
> For instance, on the NT4 machine I'm testing this on, I have SQL
> Server 7.0 without any service packs. All it tells me is that I have
> a warning on MS00-014 because it doesn't have any information on it.
> So, this is my question: In lieu of Hfnetchk not telling me what
> service packs I need, is there a URL that will show me which Microsoft
> products have service packs released for them?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Chris Ess
> PRSP System Administrator

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