Re: MS patch scanner - how to use it in "real life"?

From: Eric (
Date: 08/17/01

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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 18:40:44 -0700
To: Mattias Nyholm <>, "''" <>
From: Eric <>
Subject: Re: MS patch scanner - how to use it in "real life"?

If it reports patches that are missing that you know you've installed, run
it with the -v -z switches. For example. Everyone installed 01-007 when
it came out. However, MS just released a newer version of the patch with a
newer file version and a new reg key - this tool will find that stuff for
you without you having to crawl the MS website.

I'd bet that if you run hfnetchk -v -z you'll find that there are some
patches that have been re-released that you haven't kept up to date
on. That's what makes the tool really useful.

Finally, don't use the -a switch. running it without switches (default)
will show you the necessary patches and will not show you any superseded
patches. Then use the -v switch to see reasons why a patch wasn't
installed, and -z to skip reg key checks (as they can't be relied upon)

At 01:48 PM 8/16/2001 +0200, Mattias Nyholm wrote:

>I've been testing the MS patch scanner, and I have some doubts as to
>how useful it is "in real life". The thing is that the tool reports
>on installed and missing hotfixes without considering that several
>patches are outdated and have been replaced by other patches. This
>leads to several problems:
># Even on a fully patched system the tool will still report that
> some patches are missing.
># The tool can not be used as "run once, tell me if something
> is missing" way to make sure a server is secure.
># Since the tool reports on missing hotfixes even though they are
> replaced by a later patch one will have to create and maintain a
> list of current patches and compare the tools output to that list.
> To use this on a large scale one must write a separate tool to parse
> the output and compare it to the list.
>Have anyone else noticed the same problems, or have I completely
>misunderstood the tool? I'd be glad if I have! :)

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