Re: Cryptext.dll problem with IE 5.5

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Date: 08/16/01

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Subject: Re: Cryptext.dll problem with IE 5.5
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 02:21:19 -0400

Have you tried installing IE6?

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Subject: Cryptext.dll problem with IE 5.5

> I have a user trying to access a web site that requires a login. IE kept
shutting down w/ Dr Watson before she could negotiate the warning screen
about accessing a secure site. I went to Tool bar=>InternetOptions=>
> content=> certificates and the radio button does not function. Hm-m-
sounds like certificate problems.
> I tried to deinstall IE and am only allowed to repair or revert to
previous version. Went back to version 4 and then re-installed IE5.5 sp1.
> file errors: CAPI Install prog could not open signature file crypt.dll.
May not be installed or corrupted. Another error associated with
icmfilter.dll, etc.
> I've done the re-install 2x.
> Any ideas short of reloading the OS to get a good IE back in the machine?
> This limits the user to non-secure sites that do not require certificate
> Thanks in advance for assistance.
> Jim McFarlen