Re: IDS on an internal server

From: Joe Lyman (
Date: 08/15/01

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 14:50:01 -0700
From: "Joe Lyman" <>
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Subject: Re: IDS on an internal server

We ran the same thing on a linux box behind our router with no problems. I would recommend using a one-way sniffer cable, which can be easily constructed (5 min). See

The one way cable gives almost unbreachable security for your IDS on that NIC.

The page isn't too specific about the capacitory. I'm using a 100mF 16v capacitor for my 10MB connection and it works fine. A smaller one would work for 100MB, perhaps a 47mF.

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>>> Aaron Dokey <> 08/15/01 10:44AM >>>
I have a win2k box on my trusted internal network that processes logs,
monitors other machines, etc... I would like to put a NIC in this machine
with no bindings to any protocol or service for the soul purpose of putting
snort right behind our internet router. I don't see any security
implications as long as no protocols or services are bound to the interface
but I'd like to double check. Any complications that I am missing? Anyone
have a similar configuration?

Thank you,
Aaron Dokey

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