RE: Security on Public NT4 Workstations

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Date: 08/14/01

Subject: RE: Security on Public NT4 Workstations
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:36:24 -0700
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These actually look like good suggestions from Micro$, to me anyway.
But... even if you are not on a domain, you can still set up policies.
Policies do not have to update from the \\server\netlogon folder. You
can create your NTconfig.pol, place it somewhere on the hard drive, and
have your system update the policies from this new local location. I've
had to something similar to this in the past.

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        From: Jeff Longland
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        Subject: Security on Public NT4 Workstations

        Good afternoon all,
        I'm in a somewhat odd position. I have several NT4 Workstations
that are
        situated in public locations and need to be 'locked down'.
Normally, I'd
        setup up policies etc. and I'd be set. Unfortunately, these
        are on a small network that isn't setup as a domain (although we
have a
        server). I need to set these workstations so that users can
only access
        Internet Explorer. I've looked at a few MS articles,
but they're
        not quite what I'm looking for... Does anyone have any
        Jeff Longland