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Date: 08/08/01

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Subject: RE: DLL versioning info
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This is something that Microsoft should make a tool for and put in plain
site on the patch area of their web site. It should should have remote
connect capabilities, and a virus-scanner-like "signature" database of
patches that can be kept auto-updated.
I know that several MS employees read this list, so how about it? :-)


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Subject: DLL versioning info

I have seen a few people mention that the only real way of verifying that a
hotfix is installed is by checking the version of the DLL, knowing that
info in the registry may not be accurate because of reinstall apps (like
IIS) may overwrite the newer DLL and the registry entry for the hotfix
would still exist. So with this in mind, does anyone know of a
comprehensive list of DLLs and the proper, most up to date versions, or
versions that fix problem X?

So a listing like

IDA/CodeRed, idq.dll, 5.0.2195.3645 on W2K, 5.0.1781.3 on NT 4.0


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