RE: [tool] Unix auditing, Lynis 1.2.5


Lynis looks like it has a good future and potential.

I've noticed that several bugs have been reported against the your recently
published edition.
I'm curious if you've a production 'schedule' of any sort?
Are you doing all the work on this, or do you have some assistance?
Will you be releasing a new version with bug-corrections anytime soon?
Would you have something like Bugzilla where bugs can be submitted and tracked
(or considered it)?

I look forward to trying it out and would be willing to give feedback on what I
find. Other than
the public mailing list where other bugs have been reported recently, do you have
another method
you prefer for bug reports?

Good luck with your Linux security audit tool!

Senior IA Engineer
ProSync Technology Group, LLC

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A new version of Lynis is available, which includes currently over 200 tests to
assist auditors and security administrators to audit their Unix machines. The
tool can be executed without a required installation and displays the outcome of
the tests on the screen. Extended information can be found in the log file,
including all the results of tests.

After many releases I want to ask to try this new version and give me input about
what you like to see when checking Unix systems for their security strenghts and

More information and a download link can be found on the project page:


Michael Boelen
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