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I used f-secure with postfix / amavis for virus filtering. F-secure's commerial, but its not too pricey per-server - worked like a charm too.

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Can you give me a link to read more, I'have serious problems
with spam and
spamassassin is not enough at less to me.

pd: I' use Clamav and it's work perfect, filtered all virus.
pd2: sorry my english

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1) DSPAM - very effective, it learns what is spam and what
is not and
continues to learn so it adapts to different styles of
spam. Learning is
very fast and false positives are virtually nil (in fact I
can't remember
the last time I had one - I'm talking many months, if not
years). I have
arranged for spam to be automatically moved to a separate
'Junk' folder
on an IMAP server based on DSPAM's classification using a
simple sieve
script. However I still monitor the junk folder just in
case, but it's
hardly worth it and I could probably simply delete these mails.

2) SQLGrey - (not actually a SPAM filter, I use it front of and in-
conjunction with DSPAM). Highly effective and as unobtrusive as a
greylisting solution can be. Occasionally annoying having
to wait a few
minutes for emails from a new source (eg site registration
emails), but
the number of spams that simply get dropped, makes it very

I now get approximately 15 spam emails a day (as opposed
to 200 a day)
and these are mostly to postmaster, hostmaster, webmaster, etc RFC
addresses to my domains. Only the occasional spam is to my
real email
address and this address I have used for over 10 years and
posted to
usenet, mailing lists and used for pretty much everything
(i.e. I've not
been overly careful with it).

Hope that helps,


On 22 Aug 2007, at 17:54, mircea wrote:


what kind of antivirus filter are you using on linux mail servers?

I appreciate solution names and a few words on why you're using it.



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