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Open Source. Virus definitions automatically updated with new definitions
via freshclam. New strains added very quickly. Client / Server model.

We use a shell script to make clamscan work with maildrop xfilter and it
works very well.

No complaints other than some issues with the code base evolving a little to
quickly which can make it difficult to keep up to date (some newer virus
definitions will not work with an older version of clamscan so you need to
check the logs of freshclam occasionally for "WARNING: Your ClamAV
installation is OUTDATED!" and update when needed).

Recently purchased by SourceFire (makers of Snort), so I figure that at some
point there is going to be a fork in the signatures they provide to a
similar structure as the Snort Rules (two or three tiers with paying
customers getting access to the newest rules instantly). I should note that
this is only conjecture on my part, but is something to keep an eye on.

Hope that helps.

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what kind of antivirus filter are you using on linux mail servers?

I appreciate solution names and a few words on why you're using it.