Re: Did I get hacked?

... ciao:

: on "2-11-2007" "Grant" writ:
: my /home/grant/vmware folder have suddenly disappeared.
: I haven't noticed anything else strange yet.
: configure and start shorewall for the first time yesterday
: using a few iptables commands from the Gentoo Home Router Guide, and

i read that, and suspect you rushed into something before you were
prepared for the challenges it preesents. installing a firewall "after"
something goes "WRONG" is not likely to be much help.

"haven't noticed", begs a question about what you chose to inspect in
search of an answer. that is important, but doesn't matter. unless you
can say with absolute confidence that you haven't been compromised, you'd
be "smart" to assume you have.

were it me, i'd rebuild the system, and install the firewall before
exposing the system to the internet.

finally, i recall having read something about codecs that were
problematic, and if memory serves, allowed arbitrary code execution ...

... i'm a man, but i can change,
if i have to , i guess ...

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