Re: administrator permissions mail server

If you're worried about this, you need to look into end-to-end
encryption. S/MIME can be implemented fairly easily (or OpenPGP if you
have the patience to exchange keys with the people you want to talk

If you don't know what either of the above are, you'll either (1) fail
to implement it correctly and your admins will still be able to read
your mail, or you'll (2) clue your admins into the fact that you don't
trust them because you'll have to hire a consultant who'll end up
having to talk to your admins anyway.

Even if you totally trust your admins, you should be aware that email
is inherently insecure. You shouldn't be sending sensitive information
over email... period. Send an email saying "I have sensitive
information for you" at most. Then give access to that information in
some other manner.


On 2/6/07, Step0ut <step0ut@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am sorry if this is not the exact forum to post this question but seemed
the most relevant.
I am working in a network with 40/50 PC's managed by 3 people with
administrator passwords.
The OS used is GNU/Linux.
There is also a webmail service provided by the same server, which is also
by the same people.
My question is the following:
Since the administrator has of course access to all user files, does this
mean that
one with administrator privileges can read everybody's emails?


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