Re: administrator permissions mail server

On Tuesday 06 February 2007 04:51, Step0ut wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am sorry if this is not the exact forum to post this question but seemed
the most relevant.
I am working in a network with 40/50 PC's managed by 3 people with
administrator passwords.
The OS used is GNU/Linux.
There is also a webmail service provided by the same server, which is also
by the same people.
My question is the following:
Since the administrator has of course access to all user files, does this
mean that
one with administrator privileges can read everybody's emails?

Short answer is yes. You may want to research SELinux, but be advised that you
would have to go beyond protecting files/directories. You probably have to
deal with lots of scope for network sniffers, etc., as well.

Protecting an internal network against it's own administrators is going to be
extremely difficult. Even if you build some sort of uber-bastion host that
checks everything on other servers, client machines, etc., at the end of the
day you have to trust at least one admin.

It *might* be possible to at least set up an audit system that's likely to
catch bad actors. But I wouldn't bet on it, unless your budget allows for
defense mechanisms commonly found in financial institutions, highly secure
military systems, etc.

As always, it comes down to the value of what you're trying to protect, the
likely threats, and the cost tradeoffs.

Greg Metcalfe