Re: Selecting OS for High-availability/mission-critical web portal

Ronald MacDonald escribió:
Hi Mohammad,

If you are going to build a highly available & CRITICAL system, get vendor support. You can choose: Debian & 3rd party integrator or RedHat Enterprise (or SuSE). But get vendor support, from experts, no matter how confident you are with your linux knowledge.



Not meaning to turn this into a "my distro's better than yours"
thread, but for stability and security, I'd recommend having a serious
look at Debian. It's easily stripped down to its most essential
components for a nice small footprint and is easy to keep up to date
with the apt system. As for performance, I suppose every
implementation of a distro varies, but I'd it's is pretty adequate.

In terms of hardening the OS, there's obviously a few ways to go about
it. The most foolproof way is just "don't do anything stupid" - don't
run any services you don't need, don't bother with gimmicky
applications, just leave it all at the bare minimum. Also, there's a
lot of good reading out there (more so with linux) as regards to
hardening the OS. Incidentally, Bastille springs to mind - it's a good
starting point to hardening your system.


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