Re: spambots and dictionary attacks

rowland onobrauche wrote:

I would like to hear from anyone that has successfully blocked
spambots or dictionary attacks without the need of another server
in between your mailserver and the senders.

Peter H. Lemieux wrote:
The only effective solution I've found in these cases is to
maintain a whitelist of the valid addresses for the domains I
manage and block the rest.
>> [...]
>> If all the mail for a domain is routed to a single mailbox, you can
>> implement whitelisting with a bunch of procmail rules in the
>> mailbox owner's .procmailrc.

Many thanks Peter.
Im familiar with procmail, but im looking for a way of blocking the
connection before the smtp commands have even got to the DATA stage.

Dear Rowland,

At the SMTP level I use the excellent store-and-forward smtp daemon written by Obtuse Systems in the mid 1990's and released under an open-source license. They no longer maintain the code, but it has been taken over by a volunteer and is listed on Freshmeat

This daemon allows you to write rules based on the server's sender IP and reverse-hostname and the MAIL FROM and RCPT TO addresses in the SMTP exchange. So I maintain client whitelists by including a set of rules allowing the valid addresses through and denying the rest. (It also runs in a chrooted environment for additional security.)

I didn't mention this approach because you ruled out solutions that might require another server. It is possible to use smtpd on the same server as your MTA, but it takes a bit of work. I don't use exim so I don't know how easy this would be for you.

All my incoming mail arrives on the server running smtpd which then forwards the permitted traffic on to my scanning server (running MailScanner, ClamAV and SpamAssassin). This has worked quite well over a period of years.

I suggested the procmail approach because it wasn't clear how much control you had over the server (is it yours?). The procmail solution would work even in a hosted environment, while you'd obviously need to be the server's owner to change the smtp daemon and MTA.


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