Re: Content management solution w/ linux server?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We have decided to just use a samba share :). The balance between having another system to maintain and managing records independently of our existing record management systems was simply too fine to walk. Also we manage multiple sites so a single solution would have to be carefully managed to prevent disclosure of clients to other clients (Why is my competitors quickbooks file on my desktop!?!?!?!?!). Moving forward we are evaluating drupal but will probably stick with the SMB share since it is retardedly simple to maintain and back up. In case anyone is interested check out watchdirectory, a program for scripting events around file creation and change occurences in windows. The developer is very responsive and the flexibility of the plugin system is what is allowing us to stick with a nice simple smb share.


On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, druid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello, I am looking for a CMS that uses a linux server for indexing. It will be utilized within a medical setting so strong, flexible ACLs are a must. Also file conversion tools (to allow us to use handhelds to view word docs and such as HTML) would be good. We do not want to spend more then 10 grand for 25 concurrent users. The users will be on windows WSs, the only reason the server should be linux is support considerations. A fully managed appliance is fine as long as the damn thing does not run windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Eric Moore