Re: Content management solution w/ linux server?

Hi all,

If I have to consider which CMS to use, I'll give you 3 names:
- eZ from (well known, used by very big enterprises)
- Joomla from (it just can do everything)
- Drupal from (very big name, also used by Nasa, etc)

I always used Joomla. I can't remmeber why, but it just did what I wanted, and it didn't need much work to be useable.

If Joomla wasn't my choice, Drupal would be the next I'll test.

And that's what you have to do, try an online test version, download it and test yourself the administration interface.


druid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello, I am looking for a CMS that uses a linux server for indexing. It will be utilized within a medical setting so strong, flexible ACLs are a must. Also file conversion tools (to allow us to use handhelds to view word docs and such as HTML) would be good. We do not want to spend more then 10 grand for 25 concurrent users. The users will be on windows WSs, the only reason the server should be linux is support considerations. A fully managed appliance is fine as long as the damn thing does not run windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Eric Moore