Re: Syncing iptables rules between two servers

I could think of a

cron job running every hour on server A where you would like to copy
the rules. Transfer the file where the rules are to Server B.

Things to remmeber here are transfer the large file using scp .. You
could limit the login for passwordless ssh only from this machine or

At server B check for this file and if present append the file and
restart iptables. Can be done using a cron job ..


On 4/8/06, Lars Solberg <sunberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there anyone that know about how I can "sync" iptables rules on two
different servers? The plan is to have (on one of the servers) a
script that automaticly block ip adresses with iptables depending on
different conditions. When that ip adress is blocked I want it to
automaticly be blocked on another server to.

One idea is to change the script that is adding the block rule to
iptables to make it soo it can send the rule to the other server, but
this is not an option, the iptables rules must be synced after the
iptables rule have been added.
Another idea is to get the iptables to use an sql database of some
sort to load the rules, but I dont know how, and this whould be
somehow ruining the whole thing of having a firewall if you make it
dependent an sql server (i think).. But afterall, if this is possible
this is option.

Any ideas?
Hope someone can help out..


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