Re: Begs a question: AV in Linux

Alexander Klimov schrieb:
On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Benson, Sean M wrote:

Should you run an anti-virus on linux for non-work issues?
(Just home Workstations, Laptops, etc.. not mail servers.)

Just answer the following question: have you ever seen a virus which
has infected your linux box? If the answer is no (and I guess this is
the case) then it is pointless to install an anti-virus for internal

I didnt had any virus on my linux boxes but I got a rootkit vie arp spoofing from internal network on 2 debian boxes (ignored the warning from apt-get, that the checksum from one package was wrong.. after that I got SIGSEGV with aptitude and got kernel based rootkit installed).

Maybe it wouldnt happen to me, if I would have a good and working Antivir on the boxes or would have more brain to stop installation from such one package..

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