Re: Hide internal address (Postfix)

hello chris,

this is how I've done it:

add to

header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks

in that file you put

"# Header checks file
#    /^Subject: Internet Sic Codes/  REJECT
#    /^Subject: ADV /
/^received: / IGNORE
/^X-Sender: / IGNORE

that removes the the sender-header before you deliver it to the internet. works great besides eurora clients.

yours claus

kucserak@xxxxxxx schrieb:
Hi everyone!

Iam using Postfix for mail delivery.If somebody inside my network send mail outside the network, the recipient can see in the message header the internal address of the sender host.I would like to hide it, or replace it with the external address of my router.
Any suggestion?

best regards

ps.:i appologize for my poorly grammar

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