Re: httpd and port 7200

From: Terry Dooher (
Date: 10/24/05

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    Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 12:20:22 +0100
    > Hi,
    > Ive just installed an apache on an redhat enterprise. On this machine is only an ssh and this apache, but when Im using the netstat -a command, I see the an open port tcp on 7200. When I use "fuser -v -n tcp 7200", to find out which process is behind this port I get this Info...
    > 7200/tcp root 2031 f.... httpd
    > Any Idea ? The Port is in state "listen" and all other services are deactivated.

    Best guess is that some kind of dormant web-admin package has been activated
    when you started apache. Things like Webmin listen of different ports from the
    default 80.

    To find out what: grep -r 7200 /etc/apache/*

    (substitute /etc/apache for wherever RedHat keeps apache's config files these

    What to you get if you browse to http://>:7200?


    > best regards
    > tigerblue

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