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Date: 10/05/05

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    Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 11:43:39 +0200

    El lun, 03-10-2005 a las 09:41 +0000, escribi├│:
    > Dear List!
    > I just want to ask you a question.I have a linux(Secure platform) gateway server with 2 external ip address to the internet (one S/0 ADSl, second S/1 Point to Point) and one internal ip eth0 for my LAN. I need to split up the outgoing traffic.HTTP/HTTPS want to route through the ADSL and the rest of traffic (SMTP,POP3,FTP) through the Point to Point.Can i solve this with Linux iptables or whatever else. Any suggestion help..
    > regards,
    > Chris


     You can ( must ) use 'ip route','ip rule' and tc set of instructions.

    In a few words.

    You create a table where store routes ( /etc/iproute2/rt_tables )

    For example

    7 out-http

    Then you can create a set of routes to be stored in this table

    For example

    ip route add default via adsl table out-http

    Then, assign policies ( rules ) to use the defined set of routes
    depending on the type of outgoing packet ( proto, source, dest... ).

    When a packet matches an assigned rule for table out-http, the routing
    processes 'forget' standard routes and applies the set of routes defined
    in table out-http.

    This is well explained in the excelent howto



    David Ballester

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