From: Lars Solberg (
Date: 08/19/05

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    Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 05:50:41 +0200
    To: ERACC <>

    Thanks for all the answers, however I found out that the thing I was
    looking for in the first place was
    That project seams very out dated now. Last updated 1998, it only have
    one test version after that soo I dont know if this package is soo
    secure any longer.
    I'v been trough all of the links now, and it seams like is the one most usable that
    doesnt require pam.
    But do anyone know about the security issues using otpw? Is there any?
    Or would it be best to go for pam_skey that is the one most updated.
    What is the most secure?

    In front thanks!

    On 8/18/05, ERACC <> wrote:
    > On Wednesday 17 August 2005 09:18 pm
    > Lars Solberg wrote:
    > > I'v been looking around a lot now, after opie (one time password in
    > > everything) related stuff. The orginal dev site was lokated at
    > > but it seams like that link is dead.
    > > I know the opie project stalled in 1998 some times but some BSD people
    > > made a rewrite in 1999 but i cant find that eighter.
    > > Soo what is happening to all the otp/opie stuff? Does nobody use it anymore?
    > > Does anybody have some updated info about this, or know about anything
    > > else that can give me an otp login.
    > >
    > > In front thanks
    > From this Altavista search:
    > IIRC there is something similar on Linux but I don't recall if it is
    > OPIE or some other acronym as it has been a while since I looked into
    > this.
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