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Date: 08/18/05

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    Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:55:20 +0100

    > > I'v been looking around a lot now, after opie (one time password in
    > > everything) related stuff. The orginal dev site was lokated at
    > > but it seams like that link is dead.
    > > I know the opie project stalled in 1998 some times but some BSD
    > > people made a rewrite in 1999 but i cant find that eighter.
    > > Soo what is happening to all the otp/opie stuff? Does nobody use it
    > > anymore? Does anybody have some updated info about this, or know
    > > about anything else that can give me an otp login.

    > IIRC there is something similar on Linux but I don't recall if it is
    > OPIE or some other acronym as it has been a while since I looked into
    > this.

    Perhaps you are thinking of Markus Kuhn's OTPW?
    "OTPW is not compatible with and is not derived from either S/KEY or
    OPIE. It is a completely independent and different design, which I
    believe fulfils my functional and security requirements better."
    It prints you a page of one-time passes. These are independent of
    one-another and chosen in random order. To protect against theft of the
    sheet, it also uses a constant (memorised) password. An attacker has to
    both steal the sheet and eavesdrop the password to break the scheme.

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