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Date: 06/23/05

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    For the web, have a look at webalizer - just google it.

    Dom Stocqueler

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    > Hello everybody,
    > Because of the fact, that there are so many posts related to
    > the Apache Web Server, I decided to ask you the following question: J
    > I'm using Apache on Solaris and I want to make a usage
    > statistics. (Which files were accessed to day / last moth /
    > last year?)
    > Does Apache have any APIs (some kind of performance objects,
    > like the MS Web server has, so I can easily find those
    > information I need) or do I have to analyze (parse) the log file?
    > In the web I've just found the -log-file-parsing-solution advice.
    > Btw., what visualization tool do you recommend me for making
    > graphs out of the data I get from the Apache log parsing? (So
    > I can use them in a web
    > page)
    > Thanks a lot.
    > Regards,
    > Jan Ciesko
    > Microsoft Student Partner @ FAU - Erlangen
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