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From: George Lantz (
Date: 06/23/05

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    If you are looking for log file parsers, two of the most common log file
    parsers for Apache are webalizer and awstats. I personally prefer
    webalizer, but that is just me and many people have their own
    preference. Those two are good because they are popular, so you can find
    lots of documentation on them both. Both have web based visual
    interfaces with graphs and charts.

    Thank You,
    George Lantz

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    From: Jan Ciesko (UNI)
    Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 12:45 PM
    Subject: generalInfo

    Hello everybody,

    Because of the fact, that there are so many posts related to the Apache
    Server, I decided to ask you the following question: J

    I'm using Apache on Solaris and I want to make a usage statistics.
    files were accessed to day / last moth / last year?)

    Does Apache have any APIs (some kind of performance objects, like the MS
    server has, so I can easily find those information I need) or do I have
    analyze (parse) the log file?

    In the web I've just found the -log-file-parsing-solution advice.


    Btw., what visualization tool do you recommend me for making graphs out
    the data I get from the Apache log parsing? (So I can use them in a web


    Thanks a lot.


    Jan Ciesko
    Microsoft Student Partner @ FAU - Erlangen

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