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Date: 06/22/05

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    I agree with Tom. Sometimes apache uses the httpd.conf in /etc/httpd/

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    Just a shot in the dark, but make sure Apache is using the right config

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    >>> <> 06/22/05 02:44AM >>>
    I'm using Apache/2.0.52 on Fedora Core 3. I've copied the configuration file
    of the previous apache's version on a Redhat, as I do everytime when
    upgrading to a new version of Apache (I configured only the new httpd.conf
    manually), and now the problem is that none of the security measures is
    working, I'm bypassing all of them (.htaccess and ip list specification).

    The mod_access module is enabled.

    In my httpd.conf, I have:

    AllowOverride All

    <Directory /www/html/directory/rzone>
            Order Allow,Deny
            Allow from 10.0.10.
            Deny from all

    My .htaccess is:
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName Welcome
    AuthUserFile /www/html/directory/rzone/.htmdp

    <Limit GET POST>
            require valid-user

            Order Allow,Deny
            Allow from 10.0.10.
            Deny from all

    When I was desprate, I've configured the access file as follow:

    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all

    and I still have access to the web site.

    Any idea ?

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