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Date: 04/05/05

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             SECURITY TOPIC
           Request For Papers

    1. About the Libre Software Meeting

    The Libre Software Meeting is world's largest event dedicated to Free/Libre
    Software. This 6th edition will take place in Dijon (France) from July 5th
    to July, 9th.

    More information is available on

    2. Presentation Submission

    This year's Security Topic Theme is Black/Grey/White Hats tools and
    techniques. Main categories of interest include, but are not limited to :

         * viruses and malicious codes
         * network/os/apps identification techniques
         * cryptanalysis
         * attacks against protocols
         * code analysis and vulnerability assessment
         * operations automation
         * information hiding
         * DoS
         * detection and prevention
         * legal and organizational issues
         * culture and feedbacks from the field

    Each presentation will be scheduled in a 50-minute time period. However
    additional time can be allocated according to the interest of the subject &
    the presentation.

    >> Deadline for submission is April 20th <<

    Due to short delays, submission material is left to the author. Ideally it
    would include a short summary of the talk, author(s) biography, slides
    sample, white paper, code etc. Also if needed extra-time for the
    presentation should be mentioned.

    Submission material should be sent to

    3. Additional Information

    This year's Security Topic of the Libre Software Meeting doesn't intend to
    be only a scientific conference. Sarcasm and humor may also be part of the
    presentation as long as material remains consistent. Also any security
    related talk, even not directly in line with the main topics will be

    However any subject that could start a troll/flame war/physical fight is not

    4. Security Topic Organization

    Chairman :
         * Renaud Bidou - RSTACK Team

    Program Committee :
         * Axelle Apvrille
         * Guillaume Arcas
         * Laurent Oudot - French Honeynet Project
         * Yvan Vanhullebus - ipsec-tools team
         * Moutane & HB - RSTACK Team


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