Linux and DB2

From: Markus (
Date: 04/04/05

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    Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 20:56:02 +0200

    Hello all!

    Does anybody use DB2Connect on United Linux 1.0 We have the following

    The DB2Connect Software enables access from DB2 Clients (e.g. for
    connecting Application Servers to Databases) to
    to DB2 Databases on Z/oS Systems. You can say that DB2Connect works as a

    At the moment we can't open more then 1100 parallel connections per
    DB2Connect installation. But doing the same on AIX 4000 - 5000
    connections are possible at the same time.
    At the moment, suing United Linux 1.0 reach 1100 Connections then the
    whole machine hangs and must be rebooted. We don't achieve the CPU and
    RAM limits.

    Are there e.g. any kernel parameters that limit the number of parallel
    calls to a Server ?? We are using kernel 2.4.21!
    First of all, we get a sempahore error, but after changing the values in
    sysctl.conf, the were no further errors.

    Is it possible, that Linux can't handle more then 1000 parallel
    connections? I don't hope so.

    Thanks for answering!

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