Re: Samba vs NFS

From: James Ko (
Date: 02/22/05

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    Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 19:02:55 -0500
    To: Jennifer Fountain <>


    nfs is meant for Unix-to-unix file sharing, Samba is primarily for
    Windows-to-Unix/Linux file/print sharing. They serve somewhat
    different purposes.

    As far as security is concerned, both have their own issues. But which
    one to deploy, I guess it all comes down to your business needs. For
    Samba, lookup where it has lots of HOWTO and tips
    to follow.
    For nfs, the main thing is to avoid remote root rw access, if you can.

    You might want to set up firewall rules to restrict external access to
    your server. This would greatly reduce the exposure.

    Hope this can help.

    On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 17:42:36 -0500, Jennifer Fountain
    <> wrote:
    > Hi all:
    > My company is looking at samba or NFS to allow our clients to access
    > shares from their Windows workstations and their linux ssh sessions.
    > From a security standpoint, which option is "more" secure? Which option
    > is more vulnerable than the other? Etc, etc ,etc. I appeciate any
    > security information about NFS or samba that you may have.
    > Kind Regards,
    > Jennifer Fountain
    > Systems Administrator
    > R&B Distribution
    > 3400 E Walnut Street
    > Colmar, PA 18915

    James Ko

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