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Date: 01/23/05

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    Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 09:50:11 +0000
    To: Tales Teixeira <>

    Tales Teixeira wrote:

    >Dear sirs,
    >I'm studying about encrypted filesystems and i found a few of then. I
    >would like to know more about this in operation systems like Linux
    >Debian, Slackware and others "flavors". I'm sorry if this question had
    >been answer, but i didn't find.
    >Sorry for my "Brazilian english"
    >Best Regards,
    >Tales Teixeira.
    Encrypted filesystems in Linux are pretty much handled the same way in
    all distributions. The loopback mechanism is used to associate a
    virtual filesystem with a real filesystem, but filtering it thru a crypo
    engine (or something else) first. Usually, the crypto hooks in the
    Kernel must be activated and the algorithms you want to use selected
    before it all will work.

    LoopAES ( is a very nice
    package that implements the U.S. Advanced Encryption Standard as a
    filesystem or swap (virtual memory) encryptor.

    Traditional Linux FS encryption uses losetup
    ( to set up the
    loop and specify the algorithm. There are modifications (patches) to
    allow it to use more than just DES. You will need the appropriate
    patches for the mount command as well.

    With Linux kernel 2.6 the cryptographic functions are integrated. You
    can read more about the cryptoloop subsystem from the HOWTO

    I hope this gets you started in the direction you wanted to go.

     Charles Hill

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