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Date: 01/05/05

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    Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 14:04:56 -0800
    To: hilton de meillon <>

    hilton de meillon wrote:

    >Thanks a lot Charles and to all who replied. I will try these solutions and
    >see how I fare.
    >I really need to touch up my TCP/IP or IGMP/IP skills.
    >One question -your iptables statement had two entries - one for inbound igmp
    >one for outbound igmp, the first rule makes sense but the second one throws
    >me a bit
    >as it is in the INPUT chain and not the OUTPUT chain - is this just a lack
    >in my understanding of iptables ?.

    Actually, my example was limited to the INPUT chain but there was one
    for a SOURCE IP (coming from) and a DESTINATION IP (going to) This covers anything coming from a multicast group and
    anything going to your multicast ports, even if they are routed to/from
    non-multicast IP addresses.

    Unless you are running an IGMP daemon or something else that explicitly
    does multicast (or are really paranoid), you shouldn't have to worry
    about the OUTPUT chain.

    Actually, the range is not designed to be routed beyond one
    hop. Also, the source and destination routers associate normal IP
    addresses with the packets when routing the packets.

    If you really want to understand IGMP, I suggest getting a copy of
    TCP/IP Illustrated Vol. I (ISBN: 0-201-63346-9). Chapter 13 is IGMP and
    Chapter 12 covers Broadcast & Multicast.

    Good luck.

     Charles Hill

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