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From: Christian Sahm (
Date: 12/03/04

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    Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 20:33:41 +0100

    Jochen Witte schrieb:
    > Hello,
    > I would like to set up a firewall to protect a small company network. What
    > I would like to have is some kind of VPN solution (OpenVPN and ipsec),
    > iptables firewalling and a secure distribution with some additional
    > sec-related sofware (tripwire etc.). Also I need to run an Apache for
    > proxy-requests.
    > My question is, which distribution to choose for such a
    > setup. I would prefer a standard distribution for easy updates and
    > community support. A specific "security-enhanced" distribution would do it
    > also, if it is not too "pure" :)
    > Any suggestions?
    > Regards
    > Jochen

    Hi Jochen,

    I suggest to have a look on Adamantix. It's a Debian-based,
    security-enhancend distribution. It's only as pure as a basic Debian.
    Just visit and let them show you why Adamantix can
    convince you. I was very impressed and after some month having a
    Adamantix box running, I'm convinced about its security and stability.

    Just my two cents.

    Regards, Christian

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