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From: Ed J. Aivazian (
Date: 09/28/04

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    Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:16:31 +0500
    To: "Meatplow" <>

    Hello Meatplow,

    Saturday, September 25, 2004, 1:57:26 AM, you wrote:

    finding line numbers is simple.
    if you need to restrict ssh for everyone except those you trust,
    something like this is fine and flexible.


    for host in $TRUSTEDHOSTS do;
        iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT -p tcp -s $host --dport ssh

    iptables -A INPUT -j DROP -p tcp --dport ssh

    As for collecting statistics for the non-trusted attempts, you can make use of
    the iptables LOG target. Get the iptables-tutorial document, I believe
    this is the best guide to iptables and to the theory of firewalls in

    M> Hash: SHA1

    M> Hello.

    M> I'm running RH Enterprise edition.

    M> I'm relatively new to iptables. I am getting the common intrusion
    M> attempts with some of the common uses of test/guest/root/ and a
    M> couple others I've been able to add the IPs to the to iptables.,
    M> but
    M> I'd really like a log that tells me the info that I want to know.

    M> My basic input command is this :
    M> #iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s PUT_IP_HERE -d 0/0 --syn -j DROP

    M> iptables seem a little convoluted. Example. To delete a line -
    M> supposedly give it a line and it will be deleted/modified. My
    M> problem is even with #iptable -L -v there is no line number ?

    M> My goal is to block all incoming ssh attempts except IP#.
    M> This is where I got into hosts.allow/deny as mentioned below.

    M> I've tried to find many different types of commands and it works to
    M> some degree, but not the way I'd expect it to.

    M> Any help would be appreciated. I'm not completely sure that I
    M> understand iptables as well as I want/need to. I've also toyed
    M> around with the hosts.allow/hosts.deny and have not been successful.

    M> I know that there is a lot of info in here, and I'm tired. I'll
    M> leave it at that

    M> Thanks in advance for your time and help.

    M> Meatplow
    M> greg ta

    M> Thanks again.

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    Best regards,

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