Re: redhat patch problem?

From: James Carter (
Date: 09/03/04

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    Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 08:31:37 -0700

    On Wednesday 01 September 2004 02:21, Monty Ree wrote:
    > Hello, all.
    > As you know, Redhat 9.0 and below patch is ended at April 30, 2004.
    > But I think that I have no problem because of fedoralegacy
    > (
    > But, I guess that fedoralegacy doesn't any patch any more after June,right?
    > So is there any other method or any project which can maintain patch of the
    > redhat series?
    > Thanks in advance.
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    Yum patching RH is spotty at best IMHO.

    Personally I think Redhat should help with this, I was managing a network of
    old RH 6/7/8 boxen....and though yum is cool it is not the best for updating
    such old versions.

    The best thing I could think of doing to make certain all the dependencies
    were cool during the upgrade was to use the iso's from each release to
    "upgrade". Once I was upgraded to RH9 I then used apt to upgrade/update to
    Fedora Core 2....

    This took care of the OS itself....the previous admin installed apache and
    other programs in non-standard directories from source so those had to be
    upgraded manually......

    At home: I now use Slackware, I made a backup of my data (another machine) and
    installed Slackware from scratch.

    Truthfully for an old MS zealot, that got into RH Linux (1998), got pissed
    about the RH distro change, and adopted Slackware just recently.....I have
    never been happier it!

    Oh and while I am picking fights ;-), BSDi is support from the
    domain owner, no simple white-paper to help with migration from BSDi 2 to
    "current-BSD". How about giving the domain to a user group that is willing to
    come up with such would be most appreciated!

    So, the short and skinny...good luck....;-)
    - When major changes like this are forced I generally think, maybe it is a
    good time to choose a new distro? I'll be doing all this work anyway, I am
    migrating anyway.....why not.

    Have fun...

    James Carter

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