Re: Reverse SSH tunelling

From: Andreas Happe (
Date: 08/27/04

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    Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:19:48 +0200

    On 2004-08-26, Raistlin Majere <> wrote:
    > I am thinking of
    > having a hourly cron job ssh out to my home base server and leaving that
    > tunnel open so that I can access that console, but am looking for the
    > specific way of doing this.

    maybe this may help (from the ssh manpage):

     -R port:host:hostport
      Specifies that the given port on the remote (server) host is to
      be forwarded to the given host and port on the local side. This
      works by allocating a socket to listen to port on the remote
      side, and whenever a connection is made to this port, the connec-
      tion is forwarded over the secure channel, and a connection is
      made to host port hostport from the local machine. Port forward-
      ings can also be specified in the configuration file. Privileged
      ports can be forwarded only when logging in as root on the remote
      machine. IPv6 addresses can be specified with an alternative
      syntax: port/host/hostport.

    so executing "ssh -R 1021:server:22" with increasing server port number
    (1021) should do it for you?


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