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From: Per Christian B. Viken (
Date: 07/16/04

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    Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 00:18:50 +0200

    Thanks for all the good tips.

    This wasn't a production server at all, seems that I've been unclear on
    It was simply a testing-server for my friend, where he tried out Linux, and
    gave shellaccounts to other friends.
    But, ofcourse, he had to give out shells to those who offered him something
    in return. Without thinking about what might happen.

    So, I'll talk to him about perhaps formatting later, since he also has been
    complaining about random reboots. And this time I'm sure he'll not be so
    willing to give out accounts.
    Also he might be interested in some security.

    If you look on the bright side, he probably has learnt not to trust anyone.
    Too bad he had to learn it the hard way

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