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From: Michael S Hines (
Date: 05/26/04

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    A book from Syngress may be of interest also. I just started it.

    WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend: A Guide to Wireless Security
    By Roamer (Chris Hurley), Thorn (Frank Thornton), and Mother (Michael
    Puchol), Russ Rogers, Tech Ed.
    Forward by Jeff Moss of Black Hat, Inc.

    There's also a good article in the current (June 2004, V12, N6) SysAdmin
    magazine on open source tools to create a secure wireless environment -
    title is Building a Secure Wireless Network Using FreeRADIUS - pp 15ff.

    Mike Hines
    Michael S Hines

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    I haven't read the book, but I'd recommend it just based on the title.

    There is another book I haven't read (am I being helpful today?) that
    has a chapter on WEP and WPA. That would be "Linux Unwired." (Amazon,
    et. al.) There are only a couple of VPN references in the relevant
    sections though. It does seem to go into some detail into how to set up
    a Linux wireless station as an access point. Once you are there, I
    imagine a lot of the more general VPN literature would apply.

    On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 05:26, Tobias Klein wrote:
    > check this out
    > greets from germany
    > newroot
    > At 20:59 20.05.2004 +0200, Mario Ohnewald wrote:
    > >Hello!
    > >I would like to by a book about wireless security (linux) with a touch of
    > >ipsec, vpn and open source tools.
    > >
    > >I have read Real World Linux Security (Box Toxen) and Linux Hacking
    > >2nd edition which i really enjoyed. They were nice and instresting to
    > >
    > >Can you recommend me a book about wlan and linux?
    > >
    > >Thank you very much, Mario
    > >
    > >
    > >--
    > >NEU : GMX Internet.FreeDSL
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