Re: Problem with my wireless network(To all LinkSys users)

From: Dragos Stanoi (
Date: 05/24/04

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    Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 11:24:39 +0300

      hey andrew,

      the ping problem was solved ... before o long weekend of party !
      The problem , I supose are my wireless eq. , i use LinkSys WAP11 AP and
    .. i think
    the only way to ping them or access via web, is to have both ip's from the
    same class (your computer
    and the AP) , that in case you use a private (non-routing) class. In case
    you use public ip's
    the AP's respond to ping from any subnet or host u are trying to ping them
    o web'on them.
      I think this is an manufacturer desire/soft implementation.
      All these problems that i've had untill few days ago, where solved with a
    nat box !

      The other problem related to bandwith optimization, i haven't solved yet
    ! My quess is that an
    antena (omnidirective) that i use for an AP, is not quite qood fixed ...
    and wind or birds give me some
    head trouble .... interference ...for sure is an option , i'm quite sure
    of that ... and also the tree's
    (mother nature) have something to say about this.
       Also these day's i've played with a LinkSYS BFEW wireless router... and
    another spookie think has
    happend. I've tried to test my network ... 2 pc's connected, an
    laptop(Centrino,Intel Wireless) and a pc
    connected to lan's interface. As i've tried to copy some movies(3,2 GB) ,
    at say around 47 % of the copy
    process my laptop have frozen ... On the status window of my router,on
    wireless interface, i recived the
    the same amount of packets that i have sent (i've read the packet
    counter). After that i've stopped the
    process from task manager ... the wireless interface still have some
    activity (sending & reciving same
    amount of packets) .. and after about 1 minute everything came to normal !

      Anybody ... have some logical explantion to this !? .... have this
    problem been encounter 'ntill now ?!

      Thank you all , again !

      The best's

      Dragos Stanoi

    On Sat, 22 May 2004 01:43:52 +0100, Andrew A. Vladimirov
    <> wrote:

    > Can you ping Server2 and WAP from the Server1 ?
    > Can you ping Server1 from a wireless client ?
    > How about traceroute ?
    > Btw, there should be a firewall between Server2 and WAP.
    > As to the bandwidth, check whether you have any sources of RF
    > interference in your coverage zone. Also, you should not have more than
    > 30 clients per single WAP.
    > Cheers,
    > Andrew.
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