RE: decent loadbalancing with 2 different ISP's with minimum risks

From: Bryce Porter (
Date: 04/16/04

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    Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:18:56 -0500
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    P. Deelman,

    You probably can not do this the way you want to, as both of your ISP
    providers would have to support asynchronous routing or BGP if you have
    multiple IPs routed to your location. And therefore you will not be able
    to 'bond' the connections into a single 'virtual interface' of 3mbit
    (2mbit + 1mbit).

    If you are doing NAT on both connections, it might be possible to select
    the least-saturated link before transmitting data out, but you could not
    control how data is initially delivered to you. You would definitely
    need to NAT stacks, and you could probably do the saturation-based
    routing with iproute2's traffic control utility (assuming that you have
    all the QoS classifiers, queues, etc compiled or loaded into your
    kernel). Check out the LARTC Howto located at for
    more details on that.

    Not sure how well this helps you, but if you would like to give me more
    details I may be able to assist you further.

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    Subject: decent loadbalancing with 2 different ISP's with minimum risks

    Due to a little mistake i now have 2 broadband connections at home and
    somehow i want to balance them (2mbit + 1 mbit). I wondered what the
    most efficient way of doing this is and with possible security risks

    At the moment i have a nice setup with a statefull designed iptables
    firewall and i want to keep it that way. I've googled some and i found
    some vague tools for windows that i really don't trust (well the entire
    windows part, but that's something else) and a router that has 2 wan
    connectors that claims that can do it. Since i also have wlan at home in

    a wlan-dmz at my gateway i just want to insert a 4th nic into my box and

    do some configging.

    My current setup includes:
    debian 3.0 stable 2.4.26 kernel
    3 networks: wlan, internal, external
    statefull iptables-script

    my future setup needs to include just an extra network namely external2
    :) without too many implications such as running a proxy with patches
    which should be the last option to consider since my gateway isn't all
    that fast :)

    Any help welcome,

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