Re: chroot & mount --bind = security ?

From: Thomas Knop (
Date: 04/06/04

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    Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 20:07:00 +0200

    * Julien Nury <> [06.04.04 19:24]:
    > Imagine :
    > - An apache web server chrooted in /chroot/httpd, this server publish
    > document in /chroot/httpd/var/www
    > - A FTP server chrooted in /chroot/ftpd
    > - A folder /var/www witch contains my html documents
    > - mount --bind /var/www /chroot/httpd/var/www to allow the web server
    > to access them
    > - mount --bind /var/www /chroot/ftpd/var/www to allow the ftp server to
    > update them
    > And now ... questions :
    > - does it working ?
    no idea.
    > - is there a security problem with it ?
    Of course, you break the idea of chroot. This results in something
    similar /chroot/http_and_ftp.
    > - is there another method (more secure/simple) to do this ?
    In any case of an automated filte transver from ftp -> http you run in
    the same security risk.

    May be you wish to keep all as it is. Then use a secure remote shell
    to move the uploaded files to the http server. If you can trust this
    task you can trust then moved files (risk: time between upload and

    Thomas Knop

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