Re: Password Questions

From: James Hartman (
Date: 12/08/03

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    To: Eric Scuccimarra <>
    Date: 08 Dec 2003 13:23:17 -0600

    On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 08:48, Eric Scuccimarra wrote:
    > I have two RedHat 9 boxes. I want them to have the same users and
    > passwords. Can I copy the user, password and shadow password files from one
    > machine to the other or do they have some sort of built-in encryption that
    > will mess things up?

    It should be fine. In fact, I've used used a cron job to kick off an
    rsync over ssh to do this. It's fast and a bit more secure than NIS if
    setup properly. Of course you will want to patch rsync due to the new



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