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Date: 06/02/03

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    > Which kernel would be best? 2.0.x, 2.2.x, or 2.4.x?

    I'd also go with 2.4 because it's the active kernel and I don't think
    iptables is supported on anything else. I'd definitely use iptabes for the
    state processing it offers. Just be sure to use up-to-date drivers on all

    > Should the NAT and Firewall rules be written and maintained on CD-R media
    > a malicious attacker cannot hide rule changes? Should the firewall be
    > re-initialized on a schedule to ensure the live rules are those from the
    > read-only media?

    There's no reason why you can't put the whole system on CDR and write
    protected floppy and boot the whole thing into a RAM disk. If it's ever
    comprimised, change the vuneriable/cracked parts and reboot. The Sentry
    firewall project does this. See for details. It's based on the Slackware distro
    last time I checked. Another choice is IPCop I've never played with it
    but saw it listed elsewere on the list.

    > Last, but not least, what's a good HowTo that can be used as a basis? I
    > would prefer one that starts off a little more strict so I can simplify
    > rather than have to bone up on all of the current vulnerabilities.

    Sentry has a posted mini-howto. There's also several HOWTO's on filtering:
    Linux 2.4 Packet Filtering
    Linux netfilter Hacking
    Netfilter Extensions
    Linux 2.4 NAT
    There's also an iptables tutorial by Oskar Andreasson.

    > Thanks for any replies!

    No Problem!

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