Re: IPChains Question (compatibility mode on kernel 2.4.x)

From: Sebastian Muniz (
Date: 05/13/03

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    Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 21:17:00 -0500
    To: Bill Tihen <>

    You are missing the point.

    ddp 37 DDP # Datagram Delivery Protocol
    Seems you are trying to block ddp, that is a protocol that runs
    _over_ tcp or udp
    Firewall can decide on the port but examining
    the port source/address of tcp and udp.
    For instance if you want to deny or accept ddp you should block/accept
    tcp/udp arriving on port 37.

    El dia Fri, 9 May 2003 13:50:45 +0200 (CEST) Bill Tihen <> me decia que :

    | Applying ipchains firewall rules: /sbin/ipchains: can only specify ports for
    | icmp, tcp or udp
    | Try `/sbin/ipchains -h' or '/sbin/ipchains --help' for more information.
    | ipchains command -A input -i eth0 -p ddp --dport rtmp -j ACCEPT failed
    | This is /sbin/ipchains-restore v1.1.2
    | Any ideas on what I could do to fix this?
    Replace -p ddp by tcp or udp
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    Linux User 198723 

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